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By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor
By Tomer Almagor


By Tomer Almagor


Frankie, a wildly enigmatic and hard-partying social butterfly, compensates her loneliness with different men. But she falls in love with Lev, an attractive solitary young musician with a radically different personality: she is Fire, he is Ice! Free-spirited and nonconformist towards social norms, they experience a rollercoaster ride full of emotions...


Tomer Almagor is an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. He was born in Israel and travelled extensively, before studying film in NY. Post graduation, he moved to LA where he has been editing feature films, while writing and directing his own material. After a series of short films, including Platinum REMI award winning SPARE, he makes his feature directing debut with 9 FULL MOONS.


Frankie: Amy Seimetz
Lev: Bret Roberts
Charlie King Nash: Donal Logue
Dmitry: Harry Dean Stanton
Terry: James Duval
Billie: Dale Dickey
Ronnie: Brian McGuire
Spencer Walsh: Foster Timms
Rachel Stevens: Pamela Adlon
Sadie: Tipper Newtons

Amy Seimetz is a well-known artist in the independent filmmaking work. In 2011 the L.A Times crowned Seimetz as “The new Sundance ‘IT’ girl”. Amongst others she acted in ALEXANDER THE LAST and the award winning feature film TINY FURNITURE and in 2012 with Elijah Wood in REVENGE FOR JOLLY.

Bret Roberts was born in 1975 in Alaska. He debuted on the screen with Michael Bay’s blockbuster PEARL HABOUR. Films like NIGHTSTALKER, MY DINNER WITH JIMI and IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS followed. In 2010 he acted in 5 leading roles.

Donal Logue is a Canadian actor. During studying at Harvard University, Logue discovered his love for the performing arts. He is starring in a numbers of blockbusters as BLADE, THE PATRIOT, ZODIAC and MAX PAYNE.


Writer & Director: Tomer Almagor
Cinematography: Robert Murphy
Editors: Robert Murphy, Tomer Almagor
Composer: Ted Speaker
Gaffer: Kevin G. Shipley
Costume Designer: Jane Moro
Casting: Emily Schweber
Sound mixer – Paul Losada
Sound Designer & re-recording mixer – Andy Hay
Production Designer: Mathew Harvey
Producers: Gabrielle Almagor, Joy Saez, Bret Roberts
Production Company: Urban Tales Productions



Original Title: 9 Full Moons / HD RedOne / 1:2.35 / Colour / 103 min / Dolby 5.1 / English / DCP & HDCAM available / USA 2012







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