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By Andrea Zambelli & Andrea Zanoli

Argentina/Italy 2012, 49 min
Original Language:Spanish with English subtitles

Every night, in the historic and most important milongas in Buenos Aires, in addition to an incredible number of fans of Tango, the most famous Milongueros tell and explain how the Tango, before being a wonderful music and a sensual dance, it is primarily "a way of life ".


By Tao Ruspoli

USA 2010, 80 min
Original Language: English

Audience Award Brooklyn IFF, Best Documentary Vail FF

A celebration of human beings and our ability, through the mastery of physical, intellectual and creative skills, to find meaning in the world around us. Some of our most renowned philosophers take us on a gripping journey to meet modern day masters, in fields like sports, music, craft and cooking, and show us how our technological age threatens to make skills and expertise obsolete.

A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS - The New Emigrants

By Leonardo Dourado

Brazil/Germany (in post-production)
Original Language: Portuguese and Spanish with English Subtitles

Who pays the “globalization’s” bill? Every month, workers who immigrate from poor to rich countries send small amounts of money back home…


By Mo Asumang

Germany 2010, 82 and 52 min
Original Language: English with German and French Subtitles

A documentary that takes the audience to a trip through South Africa searching for the verification of the so called Rainbow Nation by replacing the apartheid era. Honest interviews from all of the strata of society and pictures of the vicinity of crime and security offer a look behind the curtain of what we have seen at Soccer World Cup 2010.

The power of speech

By Francisco Hervè

Chile 2009, 75 and 56 min
Original Language: Spanish with English, French and Arab Subtitles


In order to make Chile a "world-class" country the government announced a modernization plan for the transportation system that would ban small retailers from carrying out their trade on the buses. 2000 retailers got together and as a guild they organized their resistance: Attacking modernization with modernization.


By Andrew Horn

By Andrew Horn

Germany 2004, 96 min
Original Language: German & English

Teddy Award for "Best Documentary" at Berlin IFF

Part documentary, part music film, part sci-fi, THE NOMI SONG is a “non-fiction film” about Klaus Nomi, the cult figure in the New Wave underground scene. Featuring the music of Wire, The Marbles, The Bongos, Pylon, The Mumps, Chi Pig, and, of course, David Bowie, not to mention numerous live Klaus Nomi performances, many never before seen, and including Klaus’ ultimate performance of The Cold Song with full orchestra.

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