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By Matthias Luhardt
By Matthias Luhardt
By Matthias Luhardt
By Matthias Luhardt


By Matthias Luhardt

"Intelligent and quietly compelling thriller"
The Denver Post


Hofer Filmtage, Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Berlinale, Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen, Molodist International Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, Denver Film Festival


Helene, mother of two, will not be discouraged. Everyone tells her that her husband Robert, who has been missing since a maritime disaster, is dead. But his body was never found. And Helene is certain that Robert is still alive and will return. And sure enough, one day there he is, right in front of her at a concert. A tightrope walk between reality and illusion begins for Helene.


„Coincidence only makes sense with you“ sings Björk.
Only with you does coincidence make sense. I had to think of that when I read the novel “Der Tag, an dem ich meinen toten Mann traf”.
Helen encounters her husband who has been declared dead. Suddenly. Coincidentally. Coincidentally? A mistake? The truth? For Helen loves Robert, and for Helen, love means holding on instead of letting go. Believing instead of giving up. That makes her strong character, one with whom I´d like to send the viewers on a trip through the night.


Matthias Luthardt after his studies in directing he co-founded the film production company “risingstar” and participated in the master class of the German-French Film Academy Film Academy Baden-Württemberg/FEMIS Paris. Matthias’ first feature film “pingpong” premiered in the Critics Week in Cannes 2006. In 2007, M.L. founded FRENCH EXIT in order to co-produce his own films and contributed to the episodic documentary “Jesus Loves You” (Berlinale 2008). Recently, he took part in the huge multimedia project “24h Berlin”, which portrays the city of Berlin, 20 years after the fall of the Wall. Matthias Luthardt is a member of the European Filmacademy.


Helen: Franziska Petri
Torben / Robert: Pasquale Aleardi
Matthias: Harry Blank
Claudia: Sandra Borgmann


Director: Matthias Luthardt
Script: Johanna Stuttmann
Cinematography: Christian Marohl
Editor: Florian Miosge
Music: Matthias Petsche
Sound: Oliver Roggow
Costume: Monika Gebauer
Producers : Milena Maitz, Christian Drewing
Producer SWR: Stefanie Groß
Production Company: Eikon Südwest GmbH
Co-production: SWR


Original Title: DER TAG AN DEM ICH MEINEN TOTEN MANN TRAF / Germany 2008 / 82 min / Digibeta, HDCAM / Color / Dolby Surround / German with English subtitles

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