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By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben
By Tina von Traben


By Tina von Traben



The struggle of Patty's family's little Imbiss versus uncle Walther's chain of fastfood restaurants, fighting to guard the secret her family inherited: the best ever German sausage sauce! Smart and ambitious, teenage Patty finally realizes that the recipe to her own happiness is to use her talent to support her family. Who will win the competition to get the popular spot in the soccer stadium? A "Heimat" film about pride, betrayal and family ties.

In this film I want to take children seriously and try to show them as they normally are. They make decisions, have their own plans and goals. I don’t want to make them cleverer than adults. Normally they aren’t, they just have their own point of view and see things in their own way. The story came to me when I asked myself: What would happen if I were not there for my child, how would it find its way through the world?


After studying German philology, sociology and media communication, Tina von Traben worked as an assistant director for film and TV, as editor and producer for TV for a few years after 1994. „Since I was 14 I knew, I will become a director“, says Tina von Traben. Therefore she started to study film direction at the "ifs internationale filmschule köln" in 2002 and finished it with a bachelor of arts graduation in 2005. After a few successful and award-winning short films „PATTY'S CATCHUP“ is her first feature film. Tina von Traben has a daughter and lives in Cologne.


Patty: Luise Risch
Lilo: Tabea Willemsen
Selma: Marlene Risch
Besjana: Thekla Carola Wied
Frieda Frey: Anneke Kim Sarnau
Walther Frey: Smudo

Luise Risch is a rising star in Germany. After starring successfully in TV movies and series PATTY’S CATCHUP is her feature film debut.

10 year old Tabea Willemsen appeared already in a lot of commercials and TV movies, PATTYS CATCHUP is her film debut.

The film is for Marlene Risch her acting debut and the stepping stone for a German and international career as actress.

Thekla Carola Wied is a very popular German TV star, and has won several GERMAN FILM AWARDS as Best Actress, “BAMBI”, “GOLDENE KAMERA”, “Bavarian Film Award”. She is best known for her role in “ICH HEIRATE EINE FAMILIE”.

Anneke Kim Sarnau is an award-winning theatre, film and TV-actress. She made her international debut in John Le Carré’s THE CONSTANT GARDENER.

Smudo is a German Hip Hop Star and a founding member of DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER (aka FANTA4). Since 1989 they have sold millions of records and constantly stayed at the top of the business. Smudo's film debut was in Christian Ditter’s “The Crocodiles”. He also gave his voice to one of the four penguins in MADAGASCAR 1+2. PATTY’S CATCHUP is his debut in a leading role.

Director: Tina von Traben
Script: Tina von Traben, Rüdiger Bertram
Cinematography: Ralf M. Mendle
Editing: Nicole Kortlüke
Sound: Constantin Bömers
Sounddesign: Kai Storck, Rolf Seidelmann
Costume: Angela Neis
Production Design: Adriano Ciarrettino
Original Music: Markus Aust, Roman
Executive Producer: Michael P. Aust
Producer: Dagmar Niehage
Production Company: dagstar film



Original Title: Pommes Essen / 35mm / 1:1.85 / Colour / Dolby Digital / 86 min /German with English subtitles/ Germany 2012






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