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By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico
By Emanuele Persico


By Emanuele Persico


Petaluma (In Competition)



Omar, a Tango instructor, is forced to return to Buenos Aires because of an important phone call. He discovers an unrecognizable city, meets relatives, old friends and meets Veronica, his childhood friend. They remember the time they had spent together years before and decide to take on a difficult challenge. That’s how Omar rediscovers himself in Tango.
Is the pursuit of happiness, dreams, regain our lives and above all, an alternative to the vulgarity, the worship of money and the decline of ethics.
The trip traces metaphorically the one made at the end of '800 by European immigrants towards South America.

Tango is like an iceberg on fire with his great "depth" hidden below the water level. We must watch under the water and find the important things for our own well-being.


After producing and directing few short films, Emanuele Persico’s screenplay for FLESH OF GUASCONY earned him acclaims and awards from film festivals in New York and Cleveland. In 2009 his first published book, “At least one dead… except the fish” was fully distributed throughout Italy and won awards as well. He attended the SFSU Digital Video Intensive in San Francisco. In 2010 he formed Pesca Production based in Italy and one year later he directed and produced his first feature film TANGUERO, which has been shot in Italy and Buenos Aires.

Veronica Palacios and Omar Quiroga, also a couple in real life, are from Buenos Aires and fell under the spell of tango 13 years ago being part of the “milongas” ever since. They performed in numerous tango shows and danced in all the most prestigious dancefloors worldwide. They teach and perform at festivals and Milongas around the world conveying the importance of communication within the couple, where the essential is not visual, but an intimate sensation inherited from the old “milongueros”. Their unique style combines the salon heritage with a modern touch of tango fantasia, where graceful elegance and sensuality are serving a respectful interpretation of the individual fashions which differentiate tango orchestras. TANGUERO is their first movie with leading roles.


Omar Quiroga
Veronica Palacios
Jorge Juanatey
Alberto Alfredo Dassieu
Tito Roca
Maria Cecilia Cervini
Mario Gabriel Florentin
Ricardo "Tito" Franquelo
Juan Carlos Stasi
Daniel "Flaco Dany" García
Eduardo "Nene" Masci
Julio Duplaa

Director: Emanuele Persico
Writer: Silvia Gilardi, Emanuele Persico
Cinematographer: Andrea Zambelli, Andrea Zanoli
Editor: Emanuele Persico, Claudio Cormio
Gaffer: Lukas Llanos
Sound Recordist: Fidel Aguirre De Calasanz
Art Director: Jorge Juanatey
Composers: Medialuna Tango Project, Tango Tinto,
Ojos De Tango, Umberto Ruggeri & Giulio Ciccia, Jabberwocky
Producer: Emanuele Persico
Production Company: Pesca Production



Original Title: Tanguero / HD / 2.35:1 / Colour / 78 min / Stereo Mix / Spanish with English, Italian, German, French or Japanese subtitles / Argentina/Italy 2011






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