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By Sol Tryon
By Sol Tryon
By Sol Tryon
By Sol Tryon


By Sol Tryon



AFI (in competition)




THE LIVING WAKE is a dark comedy set in a timeless storybook universe. Self-proclaimed artist and genius, K. Roth Binew, has one day to live. Binew sets out to hand out invitations to his final party, a living wake. He has enlisted his best and only friend, Mills Joaquin, to take him around on a bicycle powered rickshaw. In a final attempt to probe life’s deepest mysteries, Binew endures one ridiculous trial after the next. He concludes his day with a final performance at his living wake. On a makeshift stage in an open field, Binew’s friends and enemies gather to witness his madness one final time.


A magical storybook setting infused with a fantastic comedic wit is what I was going for in making THE LIVING WAKE. I wanted to create a film that matched the wildly original dialogue with striking visual beauty in a way that is rarely seen in comedy.  Tackling important universal issues of the meaning of life in a way that has never been seen before, THE LIVING WAKE is a truly special experience.



Sol produced his first feature, Bomb The System, in 2002 earning an Independent Spirit Award nomination for best first feature.  Since then he has produced several other award winning films (Weapons, Explicit Ills, Fix, 2012: Time For Change, Being In The World) and worked with world-renowned artist Shirin Neshat on several projects.  The Living Wake marks his directorial debut.



K. Roth Binew: Mike O’Connell
Mills Joaquin: Jesse Eisenberg
Lampert Binew: Jim Gaffigan
Librarian: Ann Dowd
Reginald: Eddie Pepitone
Alma Binew: Jill Larson
Moustache Man: Clay Allen
Mother: Ami Ankin
Dr. Schoenberg: Harlan Baker
Frank: Byron Brown
Gypsy Psychic: Rebecca Comerford


Writer, actor Mike O’Connell is an unforgettable performer who has appeared on several comedy shows, developed comedy series and is co-writing and attached to star in “Million Dollar Strong” with Todd Phillips (“Old School”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “The Hangover”). In 2010 he completed comedic music videos, being produced by Will Ferrel’s company “FunnyorDie” and airs on HBO. Most recently, he appeared in Judd Apatow’s FUNNY PEOPLE.

Since Jesse Eisenberg has appeared in M. Night Shyamalon’s THE VILLAGE in 2004, he won several awards and played next to Richard Gere and Terrance Howard in THE HUNTING PARTY. Jesse had supporting roles in THE EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS and ADVENTURELAND by Greg Mottola (SUPERBAD) and a leading role in Reuben Fleischer’s ZOMBIELAND. In SOLITARY MAN by Brian Koppelman and David Levien he acted opposite Michael Douglas and Susan Sarandon. Recently, Jesse stared in THE SOCIAL NETWORD by David Fincher for which he is nominated for an Academy Award 2011.

Jim Gaffigan has been stand-up comedian for over a decade and has starred in over thirty films, among them LOVE GURU, IGBY GOES DOWN, SUPER TROOPERS and THREE KINGS. He created his own sitcom and has his own comedy show WELCOME TO NEW YORK. He will appear in SALVATION BOULEVARD by George Ratliff (2011).



Director: Sol Tryon
Writer: Peter Kline
DOP: Scott Miller
Editor: Joe Klotz
Set Design: Rafaela Stacheter
Costume Design: Negar Ali
Hair and Make-up: Blair Jaffer
Sound Design: John Moros
Sound: Anthony Viera
Music: Carter Little, Mike O’Connell
Producers: Sigrid Ami Ankin, Chadwick Clough, Peter Kline, Mike O-Connell, Sol Tryon
Production Company: Mangusta Productions


Original Title: The Living Wake / Super 16mm & Super 8mm / 1:1.85 / Colour / 92 min / Dolby Surround 5.1 / HDCam & Digital Betacam available / English / USA 2007


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